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My Name is Alicia E. Rojas (but you can call me Alice) and I'm from Coahuila, México.

I graduated from Digital Music Production Engineering at Tecnológico de Monterrey were I had amazing teachers like Allan Tucker (mastering engineer), Oscar "Welito" González (live audio engineer) and Jorge "Flip" Tamez (music business professor). 

I went to Vancouver Film School for a Film Production summer program so can I have a little bit of knowledge of my two passions: Sound and visual media. 


I currently work at John Marshall Media LATAM as a Project Manager, in charge of editorials like Dreamscape, Skyhorse, Fabler and Right House, having contact with clients, directors, narrators and producers to meet their deadlines and specs, elaborating the mastering for each audiobook.

I'm also studying a Master Degree in Literature and Creative Writing at IEU. 

You can contact me if you have any question, suggestion or want to know more about my work!

See you soon, 


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