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Sound design and Post production

Currently working on


I'm a Project Manager at John Marshall Media LATAM. I started as an audio editor and QC and now I'm charge with the Mastering process and Client/Narrators communications for Editorials like Dreamscape, Skyhorse, Fabler and Right House.


Some of the projects I had the opportunity to work on are: 

La Fórmula "Despacito" [Decoding "Despacito"] by Leila Cobo - Audiobook -

A Letter to Liberals by Robert F. Kennedy Jr. - Audiobook -


Godling by Nicole Conway - Audiobook -

Tutte le volte che ho scritto ti amo [To All the Boys I've Loved Before ] by Jenny Han, Annalisa Biasci - translator - Audiobook -

To Kill upon a Kiss by Blake Banner - Audiobook -

Recent projects


I did the sound mixing and post production of this short film last summer (2019) in surround 5.1. Get more info in the section NEWS.

Other projects



Groovy Chaos Open House

Reproducir video
Tron: The Legacy Trailer -  Sound Design & Foleys

Tron: The Legacy Trailer - Sound Design & Foleys

Reproducir video
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